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Engels Brothers, L to R Fred, William and Henry, Lower Camp, 1910


Superior Electric Railroad bring ore from Engels Mine to Superior Mill

Henry A. Engels and his family acquired what would become the Engels and Superior Mines on September 1,1880. Incorporated in California as Engels Copper Mining Company on June 19, 1901. It’s holding company California Copper Corporation, was incorporated in California on July 12, 1922. The operating company, Engels Copper Mining Company was merged into its holding company, California Copper Corporation, on March 3, 1936 to form California-Engels Mining Company.

The Company built the first all flotation mill for copper in the United States in 1915 and began production that year. In 1917 it completed the larger Superior Mill. During the 1920’s the Engels and Superior mines were the largest copper producers in California. Today it is part of the largest unmined copper resource in California in the Lights Creek Mining District, Plumas County, California.


On June 17,1999 “Engelmine Forest” was accepted by American Tree Farm System as California Tree Farm No. 2611. Our Non-Industrial Timber Management Plan ( NTMP) was approved  by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection on July 2, 1999. 


Diamond drilling , Upper Camp,
Engels Mine, 1930

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Bornite Copper Ore

Indian Valley Railroad Company, a subsidiary of Engels Copper Mining Company, getting ready to leave with copper mill concentrates heading for the smelter in Garfield Utah.  

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Mining 021.jpeg

Drilling at the outcrop,
Engels Mine, 2007

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Crown changes name   4-6-2021 to

U S Copper Corp. 

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Identified copper deposits, Lights Creek Mining District,         Plumas County, California 


California-Engels Mining Company office, Greenville, California L to R U S Copper Corp.,Geologists Bob Suda, and Scott Jennings, Master Thesis student Alexis Lopez, Advisor, Dr. Hannah Aird, California State University. Chico, California, Crown Mining Corp. Director George Cole and Norman Lamb, President of California-Engels Mining Company. Alexis Lopez completed her Master Thesis in the Spring, 2020.

Engelmine Tree Farm.jpeg
TREE FARM 001.jpeg

Engelmine Forest Tree Farm 

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